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Xerox WorkCentre® 6515DNI MFP
Color laser printer, max. 1200x2400 dpi, works Perfectly

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Contrib URL: http://www.support.xerox.com/support/workcentre-6515/downloads/enus.html?operatingSystem=linux&fileLanguage=en


First of all: The printer functionality of this MFP works perfectly on Linux. Tested on OpenSuse 42.2. Once installed.... Second: The installation is one the greatest "pain in the neck" you can imagine!!! - The manual and Linux software package refers to utilities like "xeroxprtmgr" and "xeroxprint". Which are painful itself, bypassing somehow CUPS and don't work as described. When following the manual plus the man pages you'll NOT be able to print anything e.g. from LibreOffice, KDE's Okular (PDF) etc.. - A CUPS printer queue is created, with a very minimalistic PPD file. No (!) default options can be a) set as described, always forgotten by utility and b) passed to the printer/MFP. So "out of the box" no chance to use printer with CUPS. Utility "xeroxprint" works, but command line only. Solution for CUPS: - Download the PPD provided for MS Windows, link above. - It's within an .exe file, so you need (at least) WINE for it. I've "installed" in WINE and moved from the WINE "C-Drive". - Next pitfall: PPD is NOT VALID: $ cupstestppd ./xrx6515n.ppd ./xrx6515n.ppd: FAIL **FAIL** Unable to open PPD file - OpenGroup ohne CloseGroup zuerst on line 487. REF: Pages 45-46, section 5.2. Following here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PostScript_Printer_Description and finally here: https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20161017222612/http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/ps/5003.PPD_Spec_v4.3.pdf I found out that the statement on line 487 *OpenGroup: PrintQuality/Print Quality/Color must be a *OpenSubGroup: PrintQuality/Print Quality/Color instead. Same on line 512, must be *CloseSubGroup: PrintQuality instead of *CloseGroup: PrintQuality Having done this, add the printer (queue) as usual to CUPS. I've used a LPD entry lpd://<hostname_of_mfp>/lp, but IPP etc. should also be fine, the MFP supports pretty much protocols. That's it, as I said: Once installed, once the pain is gone, all is working fine.

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