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IBM ProPrinterII
Black & White dot matrix printer, max. 120x120 dpi, works Perfectly
Recommended Driver: ibmpro (Home page, View PPD, directly download PPD)
Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler


Printer supports direct text printing with the 'us-ascii' charset.


Easy to get working on serial - just dump straight ASCII. If you have the parallel module installed, you need to use magicfilter which has a ProPrinter / ProPrinterII specific filter which fixes some minor oddities. Fair warning; the serial interface drops characters frequently. Don't use it on the network if you can avoid it. ;)

Consumables/Refills: Ribbon Cartridge, Optional Serial/Network/Parallel/Additional in


The following driver(s) are known to drive this printer:

Recommended driver:

ibmpro  (driver home page)
This driver is free software.
Type: Ghostscript built-in
Download:PPD file: View PPD, directly download PPD