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Canon BJC-8200
Color inkjet printer, max. 1200x1200 dpi, works Mostly
Recommended Driver: bj8XXYYZ.upp (Home page, View PPD, directly download PPD)
Generic Instructions: CUPS, no spooler


Printer supports direct text printing with the 'us-ascii' charset.


This printer might work, somewhat, with the various BJC drivers out there. I doubt, however, that it prints perfectly. I am almost certain that the scanner feature is unsupported. If anyone actually has one, do tell...

With the stp driver (set up for the BJC-7100 if your Gimp-Print version gives incorrect printouts), it works, although the best modes aren't yet supported. The printouts will come out too dark, so raise the gamma somewhat.

Canon reported that it probably will work with the driver for the BJC-6200 or BJC-7100. Use it 6-ink photo printing, 4-ink printing is not available for this model.

Consumables/Refills: 6 independent ink tanks


The following driver(s) are known to drive this printer:

Recommended driver:

bj8XXYYZ.upp  (driver home page)
This driver is free software.
Type: Ghostscript Uniprint
Download:PPD file: View PPD, directly download PPD

Other drivers:

gimp-print  (driver home page)
This driver is obsolete. Recommended replacement driver: gutenprint
This driver is free software.
Type: CUPS Raster

gutenprint  (driver home page)
Top Quality Printer Drivers for inkjets, dye sublimation printers, and PCL lasers
Supplier: Gutenprint project
License: GPL (free software)
User support:Gutenprint mailing list at SourceForge (voluntary)
Color output   Type: CUPS Raster
Text:||||||||||  90Graphics:||||||||||  100System Load:Unknown
Line Art:||||||||||  90Photo:||||||||||  100Speed:||||||||||  60
Download:Driver packages: x86 32 bit: 5.2.7 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.2.7 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.0.1 (RPM for LSB 3.1) (Signed), 5.0.1 (DEB for LSB 3.1) (Signed), x86 64 bit: 5.2.7 (RPM for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.2.7 (DEB for LSB 3.2) (Signed), 5.0.1 (RPM for LSB 3.1) (Signed), 5.0.1 (DEB for LSB 3.1) (Signed) (How to install)