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Driver for Samsung SPL2 (ML-1710, ...) and SPLc (CLP-500, ...) laser printers
Supplier: SpliX project
License: GPL (free software, show license text)
  This driver contains algorithms which are (possibly) patented (See license text).
User support:SpliX forum at SourceForge (voluntary)
Max. rendering resolution: 1200x1200dpi   Color output   Type: CUPS Raster
Text:||||||||||  100Graphics:||||||||||  100System Load:Unknown
Line Art:||||||||||  100Photo:||||||||||  80Speed:Unknown


This driver is available in the Ghostscript Printer Application

SpliX is a set of CUPS printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers. If you have such a printer, you need to download and use SpliX. Moreover you will find documentation about this proprietary language.

Note that only SPL2 (monochrome) and SPLc (color) printers are currently supported! However we are looking for people who have an SPL 1 printer to implement this SPL version as soon as possible.

Not all SPL2 and SPLc printers are tested with this driver. Please report your experience here.

As the PPD files are contained in the driver package we will not provide PPD files here on OpenPrinting.

Important: For color printers SpliX needs color profiles from the printer's manufacturer, otherwise it will refuse to print. Please see the instructions in the INSTALL file of the driver's source package. Alternatively, you can use the "foo2qpdl" driver for the color printers. That driver also prints without installed color profiles.

This driver is a pure printer driver. The scanning functionality of multi-function devices is not supported.

Note that the original author of the driver, Aurelien Croc, doe not have time any more to do further development and maintenance on the driver. Currently user-supplied patches and fixes are applied by Till Kamppeter to the Subversion repository of the driver and there were no releases and web site updates in the last two years. If you are packaging the driver for a Linux distribution, it is highly recommended to use a Subversion snapshot and not the 2.0.0 release.


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